Translation of Chapters 9 to 12 of ‘Ma‘rifatshināsī: Sisilah-i Durūs-i Mabānī-i Andīshah-i Islāmī-1

MA Level Dissertation


Salman Bujani

Abstract : 

This work is a translation of the second part of the book on Epistemology (Ma’rifatshināsī), which was written as part of the series of six books on the subject of Foundations of Islamic Thought (Mabānī-i Andīshah-i Islāmī), which consists of four chapters that deal with the Religious Knowledge and its Epistemological aspects.
The first of the four chapters is Philosophical Hermeneutics in which the Philosophical Hermeneutics is explained and critiqued in the light of Gadamer’s views and then the types of Preliminaries of Understanding are discussed. The second chapter is Religious Knowledge in which different ways of Religious Knowledge and their epistemic values are discussed and then solutions to incompatibilities of instances of Religious Knowledge with other knowledge are presented. The third chapter is Plurality of Interpretations which discusses an intra-religion approach of plurality which validates differing interpretations from religious texts of one religion while the fourth chapter, Religious Pluralism, discusses an inter-religion plurality based approach which seeks to assert that all the religions are valid and truthful.
The investigations resulted in disproving of views that advocate a kind of Scepticism and Relativism and solutions were attained for better accuracy of Religious Knowledge.

Key Words : 

Ma’rifatshināsī , Mabānī Andīshe Islāmī
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Key Words

Ma’rifatshināsī , Mabānī Andīshe Islāmī

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