Translation of Chapters 1 to 7 of ‘Ma‘rifatshināsī: Sisilah-i Durūs-i Mabānī-i Andīshah-i Islāmī-1

MA Level Dissertation


Kumeil Bujani

Abstract : 

This work is a translation of the book on Epistemology (Ma’rifatshināsī) written as part of the series of six books on the subject of Foundations of Islamic Thought (Mabānī Andīshe Islāmī). In this work, we have translated the section which mainly contains the views of Islamic scholars on general Epistemology. The first chapter deals with some essential terminologies, the importance of the topic, types of epistemologies, and mentions the overall topics of the discussion in the book. The second chapter discusses one of the important types of knowledge, the Presential Knowledge, and talks about its salient features. The third chapter deals with the validity of Presential Knowledge and answers some key doubts related to it. The fourth and fifth chapters, discuss Acquired Knowledge and its validity respectively. However, apart from this main issue, various types of Acquired Knowledge and their significance in the epistemological discussions are also discussed briefly. The last two chapters mainly discuss the various ways of acquiring knowledge and their epistemological credibility in some detail which is the main objective behind discussing the topic of Epistemology.

Key Words : 

Ma’rifatshināsī , Mabānī Andīshe Islāmī

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Key Words

Ma’rifatshināsī , Mabānī Andīshe Islāmī

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