Starting the First Doctoral Course in Amir ul Momineen Seminary


2020-08-10 09:05:00 PM


Source : Amiseminary

News Code : 102030

Amir al-Muminin Seminary will begin its doctoral course for the first time after acquiring the necessary permits from Al-Mustafa University.

With the Grace of Allah SWT and the acquisition of the necessary permits from Al-Mustafa University, Amir al-Muminin Seminary has started accepting students for its doctoral course in Islamic Jurisprudence and Islamic doctrine with a minor in philosophy. Committing to the rules and regulation of the current circumstances of COVID 19 pandemic, the doctoral exam  held in two stages. The first was a general entrance exam which has been conducted by Al-Mustafa University, and the second stage was an interview that has been accomplished by Amir al-Muminin Seminary.  six applicants  have gone through the admissions procedure and have been accepted into the doctoral program for the upcoming year. In addition, the master’s program at Amir al-Muminin Seminary had similar requirements (the entrance exam and the interview) in which 13 applicants have been accepted as M.A students.

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