AMIS to Hold Online Muharram Majlis for Kids


2020-08-21 03:30:00 PM


Source : Amiseminary

News Code : 202030

Muharram and on-line cermony for Imam Husein (a.s)

Students of Amir al-Mumenin seminary school (brothers & sisters) have initiated an online project focusing kids, to bring to life the memory of Imam Husein amongst the families of lovers of Ahl al-Bayt.

The program includes:
1. Stories of Ashura heroes
2. Painting sheets related to the scenes of Karbala
3. Workshops on akhalqi points
4. Matam/Sinezani clips
And other interesting discussions

We have prepared intruductory clips in different languages; FARSI/ENGLISH/GERMAN/TURKISH/URDU
and will provide all materials you need to have an interesting program for the kids.

Students who are interested to be part of this project can watch this video and contact :+989127513107 & +44 7818822709

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