Bachelor’s Degree Program Information

Bachelor’s Degree in Islamic Studies and Jurisprudence (5 years/ 10 semesters)

Bachelor’s Degree in Islamic Studies and Jurisprudence is one of the primary academic programs of al-Mustafa University and is a preliminary for pursuing higher education in the university. In this program, students, apart from studying introductory courses in Quranic skills and some other Islamic sciences (Theology, Islamic Laws, Exegesis and History), focus on studying subjects such as Arabic grammar, Jurisprudence, Principles of Jurisprudence and Logic at a baccalaureate level.


    • Proficiency in Persian Language in terms of understanding, listening, reading and writing skills
      • Successful completion of Persian Language course from al-Mahdī school.
      • Ability to appear for entrance interview in Persian.
    • Having a diploma certificate (Intermediate Education Level).
    • Having less than 35 years.

• Objectives

    • Identifying talented students and guiding them to pursue higher academic degrees.
    • Training of academics, researchers and teachers in Islamic studies and jurisprudence.
    • Training of Islamic scholars who are qualified to be ambassadors of Islamic culture and the teachings of Ahl al-Bayt in their respective communities.

• Program Outline

    • Duration:
      • The Bachelor’s Degree in Islamic Studies and Jurisprudence is a 5 years program. Program is structured on a credit-based system over the course of 10 academic semesters requiring 190 credits.
      • Each theoretical credit in an academic semester is of 16 hours (1 hour every week for 16 weeks) and each practical credit is of 32 hours (2 hours every week for 16 weeks).
      • Minimum number of credits required per semester is 18 and the maximum is 24.
      • During the duration of the program students may take up to one semester off.


Sheykh Ibrahim Salamati