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Events Code : 20208

We are here to inform students and teachers of Amir al-Mumineen complex about the decision that the Board of Education has taken about the classes for the first semester of the new school year.

The new school semester will start on September 5th, and it will be both in person as well as online classes. Thus all students must take steps to ensure that they are in Iran on time to begin the school year.


  • As decided by the Board of Education, all of the classes will be in person classes. With the exception of those students who have extenuating circumstances that prevents them from entering the country. In such cases those students can request online classes
  • Students who wish to take classes online, have until July 31st to give a request to the Dean of Education (Agha Salamati). It is important to note that the request for online classes must have a justified reason and it is subject to review by a commission, who will inform the student of whether or not their request has been accepted.
  • Students who are currently not in the country, when they return they must complete the following steps in order to participate in classes:
    • They must have a proper documentation indicating they do not have COVID-19.
    • They must self-quarantine themselves for 14 days upon arrival to the country. During these 14 days their classes will be held online and afterwards they must attend class in person.
      • Upon entering the country, please inform respective dean of financial affairs (Agha Mostafavi: +989191501686) about your arrival and coordinate your quarantine with him. Students who are married can quarantine themselves at their houses, while single students will be quarantined in the Hussainya in the school.

In the case you have any questions or any information was not made clear, please contact the Dean of Education (Agha Salamati, +989359930704)

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