A Comparative Study of Rental Laws in Islam and the United States

BA Level Dissertation


Mahdi Jafari

Abstract : 

Two schools of law are ideologically at odds in today’s world, secularism and Islam. Notably, these two schools do not share the same fundamental goal, as Islamic law concerns itself with both man’s material and spiritual success. This begs the following question: Does the fundamental difference in the primary goal of these two schools also necessitate differences in their laws? Islam holds that divine law is of two types, Constitutive and Signatory. Signatory law consists of societal norms approved by the Divine Legislator. Thus, in chapters of law which are Signatory, such as employment law and rental contracts, it logically follows, and our investigation confirms, that secular and Islamic law share many similarities. This point may assist scholars in the West when responding to secular propaganda vis a vis the alleged domineering and intrusive nature of Islamic law.

Key Words : 

Rental Laws
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Key Words

Rental Laws

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