Announcement for Summer Term Enrollment


2020-04-15 07:54:00 PM


Source : Amiseminary

News Code : 20200

Start of Summer Term:
10th Khordād/ 7th Shawwāl/30th May
End of Summer Term:
30th Mordād/30th Ḍil-Ḥijjah/20th August
Deadline for enrollment:
Commencement of the month of Ramaḍān
For enrollment, contact respective responsible persons as follows:
For Bachelor’s degree program: Agha Salāmāti
Mobile: +98 935 993 0704
Landline: +98 25 3773 7952
For Master’s degree program:Agha Samī‘ā
Mobile: +98 919 147 5212
Landline: +98 25 3774 5061

Summer Term aims at compensating credits which students were not able to take up during the academic year. Also, it is an opportunity for students to finish their academic credits faster.
Every student can take up at most 10 credits (two 5 credit courses) during a Summer Term.
If the number of students who have enrolled for a subject is five or more, the school will assume the responsibility of availing the teacher.
The attendance for the summer classes will be registered in the same way it is registered during regular academic year under the supervision of (Amuzesh) the education department.