Charitable Measures Taken by AMIS in COVID-19 Crisis


2020-04-15 07:54:00 PM


Source : Amiseminary

News Code : 20200

Humanitarian outreach organization of Amir al-Muminin Seminary provides help to Coronavirus-stricken families in Qom.

During the current outbreak of the novel coronavirus, many locals have rushed to volunteer at hospitals, filling the gaps in the overloaded health system. These volunteers undergo strenuous eight-hour shifts every day, putting themselves and their families under duress in order to provide essential and often extremely difficult care to those most ravaged by the disease. To support this movement, we have gathered financial aid, arranged for the logistical needs of these volunteers (clothing and snacks), and distributed food packages to those families whose breadwinners have been lost due to the epidemic.

First Stage: : In the First Stage, 100 dietary relief packages (including meat and food items) and 1000 trail mix packets (including dried fruits and nuts) were distributed among needy and poor families by AMIS. The packages and pockets worth more than 150 million Toman (10000 USD)

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Second Stage: At the second stage AMIS distributed more than 300 hygiene packages, 850 food packages, 70 special clothings for those who give ghusl al-mayyet and 2 Tonnes fruit for making juice. Due to your charitable support, in continuation of this initiative, in the second stage, 1500 dietary relief packages, 2000 trail mix packets and 2000 kgs of fruits, worth more than 350 million Toman (24000 USD) distributed among the needy and families affected by Corona Virus.

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