A Blessed Night in the Presence of a Martyr!


2020-03-28 07:54:00 PM


Source : Amiseminary

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AMIS hosts a pure corpse of the Holy Defence Martyr and also the respected family of Martyr Sheikh Shu’aee who was the only clergyman serving as sea diver army during the holy defence.

On September 26, 2019,during the week entitled the Holy Defence in memory of all sacrifices Iranian nation undertook over 8 years imposed war from Ba’th Regime in Iraq ( 1980-1988 ), Amir al-Mumenin Seminary School hosted the pure corpse of Martyr Sheikh Shu’aee.
Recitation of Zyarat Ashura, friendly talk with the family of Shahid, symbolic funeral by the participants and Muthibah (Mourning) were the programs, cultural section of school had organized to make the session more inspiring .It was the first ever time for the Hawzah to hold such program and  by the grace of God was well received by all students and their families.

NOTE:Sheikh Shu’aee was the only clergyman who was serving as sea diver army during the imposed war and his decayed body was found years after the martyrdom by “Tafahuth Shuhad” organization. “Tafahuth Shuhad” is the voluntary wing of IRGC whose mission is to detect the decomposed bodies of martyrs which are still not found in borderlines with Iraq where war took place. They usually give funeral to the remaining bodies collected over each year in some cities of Iran. It has become part of the Iranian culture to inspire the spirit of Shahadat among the youth with such programs.

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